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Jeff Wisniewski

Business & Industry Partner - Waypoint

I'm a K-12 Segment Specialist with the Foodservice Broker Waypoint. I've been in the Foodservice industry for 36 years. 20 of those years with Sara Lee and the past 16 with Waypoint and it's legacy companies. The past 10 years have been specific to K-12 at Waypoint. In my free time I like to spend as much time with my wife, 2 sons and their wives and our 6 Grandchildren.

I enjoy the outdoors- Camping, Hiking, Boating, Kayaking and working in my yard and Gardens

Jeff Wisniewski

K-12 Segment Specialist


M: (412) 427-1576


The School Nutrition Association of Pennsylvania

PO Box 1421

Winchester, VA  22604



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