B&I Partner Sponsorship Opportunities


Each year, in conjunction with the SNAPa Annual Conference, SNAPa announces numerous "sponsorship" opportunities for our many Business & Industry Partners. Some of them are listed below.

In addition, as SNAPa continues to grow in response to the needs of our more than 2,400 members and our 170 or more Business & Industry Partners, we are identifying new educational and networking opportunities, each with their own unique sponsorship possibilities.

As we prepare for 2017 and "Navigating Your School Food Service Program" in The Kalahari "Jungle" and beyond, the SNAPa Board is working to craft additional educational "conferences" ... webinars, training sessions, and perhaps even more regional conferences focused on the educational needs of SNAPa members and networking possibilities for our Business & Industry Partners.

For 2017, SNAPa Business & Industry Partners are encouraged to "sponsor" small and large events in conjunction with our 2017 Annual Conference and "The Biggest & Best Food & Equipment Show in Pennsylvania!"

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